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SLADEA is an N.G.O. that seeks to promote peace, literacy and development in Sierra Leone. With headquarters in Freetown, SLADEA and Culture Radio brought together some filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana to look at the situation of youths in their respective countries, because they share the same stories.

On Monday 30th October 2017, SLADEA Secretariat in Freetown decided to screen these movies at the Lettie Stuart Ceramic Centre at Waterloo after completing a nation-wide screening.  Both young and old people were invited to watch the films which are directed and produced as fictional and documentary films. During the screening representatives from SLADEA were asking questions and the audience responded after each fictional and documentary film.  Some people found themselves in some of the stories which are very educative and interesting. The movie lasted for 3½ hours after which SLADEA issued out some questionnaires to the people for them to answer questions pertaining to the movies. The people were so happy about the films and thanked SLADEA for looking at the issue of young people in this country. At the end of the show DVDs were given to all invitees including members in the branch. SLADEA thanked the people for leaving their busy schedules to witness the screening.

Written by:

Abdulai Jalloh
PRO Waterloo Branch

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